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Mr James Paterson

Mr James PatersonI recently met with Liz for an hour to discuss how to increase our company profile and marketing power. In my line of business, branding and image are key to building up a good local reputation. Liz suggested some excellent ideas to me and brought to my attention some internet based techniques that i had not previously thought of. Liz was very generous with her time & expert advice and I will definately be speaking to her again. Excellent service - highly recommended!

James Paterson - Urban Property Services, Manchester

Ray Moorcroft, MMU, Head of Department, Partnerships & CIE Centre Director

Ray MoorcroftI worked with Liz when she was Head of Marketing and Communications at the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM). Although she isnt an Educationalist, Liz quickly adapted to the education Sector and demonstrated an immediate grasp of the key issues in helping schools and colleges to market themselves and communicate with their stakeholders.

She also demonstrated a remarkable ability to motivate students on the School Business Managers Programmes and helped establish this new profession.

Liz has flair and creativity which she brought to bear on all the programmes she was involved in, and I have no hesitation in endorsing her company.

Val Lyness, working at Synexus from Hedsor Clinical Development Services Limited

I was especially impressed with her professionalism and dedication during the 12 months I worked with – and alongside – Liz at Synexus.

She managed a website re-design project from the initial brief, through the focus groups, the project management and finally, the day-to-day maintenance and updating of the site – all on time and on-budget.  Typically, it didn’t stop there, and she was always looking for ways to improve the site and deliver new and interesting elements to all stakeholders using it.

Over the last 12 months, Liz has produced numerous successful marketing and advertising campaigns for various projects. However, as well as just delivering results and achieving goals, she has also ensured she kept up constant supplier negotiations for cost savings and efficiencies - as well as continuous improvement of design and branding, within the strict MHRA legal and ethical guidelines.

Her wide range of knowledge and experience have proved extremely useful at Synexus and I know she is looking forward to bringing these – along with her extremely positive attitude and problem-solving abilities – to the clients in her new business!

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